Mentorship program

Starting in 2014, we introduced our mentorship program. The mentors serve as a long lasting link and provide long-term support to the girls we work with, and are one of the most important elements of our programs. Mentors are selected from the most successful local trainers who have conducted Her Turn workshops and receive additional training. Each of them works with two to four Girl Support Committees formed during the workshops. The mentors meet with the Committees once a month or more frequently if needed. Together they solve problems that arise in their schools and communities that typically relate to health, safety and access to education. For example the Girl Support Committes and mentors speak with families of children who had dropped out of school and advocate for them to go back to school. In a number of cases, the mentors refer girls and boys to other service providers. It is important to note that the mentors face a number of difficulties in their work when they challenge harmful traditions. They, together with Girl Support Committees, are at the front lines of social transformation.

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