Girls’ Symposium

Since 2016, we have been organizing central or district level conferences for the girls and boys we work with. During these events, the participants learn new skills, such as financial literacy or advocacy strategies, but they also meet with local and central level leaders and authorities. We invite district education officials, police officers, and others whose work is linked with the well being of rural adolescent girls and boys. Through these events, they can advocate for issues that matter to them directly with the people responsible for them.

In August 2016, we hosted 3 day long Girls Support Committee Symposium in Kathmandu. One hundred girls, mentors and female teachers attended the event to learn and share their work, best practices and lessons learned and to plan future actions. The participants wrote the first ever declaration (available here), and working in groups they developed a set of recommendations for organizations working across various sectors that emphasize the needs of adolescent girls (available here).

Check out the video from the symposium:

In 2018, we held a conference with a theme “Empowering Adolescents for Empowered Society” in Banepa, Kavre district. You can check out these two videos from this event: