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Rojina Tamang, 16, a tenth grader at Dhaneswori Secondary in Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality joined Her Turn in November 2017. She likes to dance, perform drama and get involved in various activities to enhance her knowledge and skills. By serving in the Girls Advisory Board, Rojina would like to coordinate with different organizations, local mothers' group and conduct awareness programs to minimize harmful practices such as early marriage. She says, “If I see any form of violence, I will intervene, if I need to seek help from other agencies like police, I will not hesitate.”Ranju Magar, 16, from Dolongsa village is a grade 10th student in Shree Kageshwori Secondary School of Tripura Sundari Municipality, Sindhupalchok. She aims to become a performing artist. She has keen interest in singing and sports. Since she joined Her Turn workshop in 2016, she has been active in her school and community and shares “I am committed to end violence against women and girls.”
Sunmaya Tamang is from Kiddada, Indrawati Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok. She is 15 years old and studies in grade 10 in Shree Mahendra Secondary school. She says,”I dream to become a social worker in the future and eradicate all social evil practices from my community.” She further states, “if I get a chance to host radio shows, I would definitely advocate on social issues like early marriage, sexual and gender violence.” She attended Her Turn workshop on February, 2017. Sunita Shrestha , 14, is a 9th grader from Shree Rameswor Secondary School. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She aims to become a nurse in the future. She has interest to explore science and technology. One of her suggestions to Hamro Palo is to conduct Her Turn and His Chance empowerment and education workshops in all schools across the country. She says, “I want to advocate for the involvement of adolescents in overall community development.”
Pramila Biswokarma is from Hagam of Jugal Rural Municipality. She studies in grade 10 at Shree Jaldevi Secondary school and is 15 years old. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, and photography, and travelling. She wants to be an artist. She has attended Her Turn workshop in 2014. She says, “I will continue to advocate against gender based violence and will report any forms of violence to local government office.”Sabita Shrestha, 14, studies in grade 10 at Shree Bhumeswori Secondary School, Helambu Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok. She says, “I want to get affiliated with social organization and serve the nation.” She has keen interest in dancing. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. Sabita says, “Being in the Girls Advisory Board, I would definitely intervene in issues like early marriage, sexual harassment as it affects adolescent girls.”
Laxmi Khanal is from Langerche Secondary School. She is 14 years old and studies in grade 9. She says, “I have keen interest in literature and want to be known as a poet in the future.” She has attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She shares, “If I find out about child marriage or any form of violence, I will call police to intervene. I want to aware people through radio and television program regarding evil practices and violence. With the help of Girls Support Committee and School Support Committee, I want to conduct awareness program among parents.”Jasbina Thapa is a 10th grader at the Shree Rameswor Secondary School of Dhare, Jugal rural municipality. She aims to become a lawyer and advocate on human rights – especially child rights and women’s rights. She loves travelling, meeting people and experiencing new thing. She is 15 years old and she attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. Jasbina says, “Her Turn workshop is very important for overall development of school going adolescents. Covering topics such as puberty, menstruation, consequences of child marriage eliminate much confusion that adolescents go through. I have also learnt about leadership skills which have enhanced my confidence level.”
Sanu Syangbo born in 2001 is from Jugal rural municipality. She has interest in playing basketball and table tennis. She attended Her Turn Workshop in 2019. Her goal in life is to be a software engineer. She says, “I can advocate for adolescent girls’ issues by focusing on the problem and making plans on solutions.”Binita Shrestha born in 2000 is from Lisankhupakhar rural municipality, Sindhupalchowk. She is in grade 12. She has interest in singing. Her aim in life is to become a teacher and provide quality education to students. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2016. She says, “To advocate adolescent girls’ issues, I will make a committee and discuss about the solutions. If our planned solutions will not work then me with my committee will go to concerned bodies to seek for help.”
Lakmai Tamang born in 2004 is from Jugal rural municipality. She studies in Shree Rameshwor secondary school. She is interested in small activities in schools and communities that make positive impacts. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017.She says, “I can advocate on adolescent girls’ issues by firstly studying about the issues and then planning to solve the problem.”Karuna Shrestha born in 2005 is from Lisankhupakhar rural municipality. She is studying in Shree Nigale secondary school in grade 10. She has interest in dancing and reading books. Her aim in life is to be a doctor. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She says, “Being a member of Girls Support Committee, I will help girls who are facing problems. If I cannot handle the case then I will seek help with people who are older than me.”
Pasmaya Syangbo born in 2002 is from Jugal rural municipality. She studies in Shree Bhimsen secondary school in grade 9. She helps others by understanding their emotions. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2019. Her aim in life is to become a social worker. She says, “After Her Turn programs, girls have been able to build self-confidence.”Dasangmu Sherpa born on 2003 is from Bhotekoshi rural municipality. She studies in Shree Marming secondary school in grade 10. She is interested to work in health sector. Her aim in life is to become an engineer. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She says, “I can advocate for girls’ issues by doing awareness programs on issues faced by girls to make people aware about it.”
Bishnumaya Tamang born in 2004 is from Pachpokhari Thangpal rural municipality. She is studying in Shree Palchok secondary school in grade 10. Her area of interest is to help people. Her aim in life is to become a nurse. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She says, “To advocate for adolescent girl’s issues I will make plan and search for solutions. I will try to fix the problem by myself; if it’s not possible then I will complain to concerned body.”

The Board – the new Board Members coming soon!

Sovana Chhetri, President

Sovana Chhetri has been working as executive secretariat in Budhanilkantha School, an English medium residential School designated as the National School of Nepal. She has been associated with Budhanilkantha School since 1987. She is actively engaged in the education sector and literature of Nepal.
Dolma Kumari Sherpa, Treasurer

Dolma Kumari Sherpa a masters’ graduate in computer application from Purbanchal University and Bachelors’ Degree Graduate in Arts from Shimla University is currently working as a Program Coordinator (BSc IT) and lecturer at The Lord Buddha Education Foundation. She is also engaged at Hyolmo Samaj Kendra as a Secretary and a Treasurer at Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association. She has been engaged in the field of education for the past 7 years.
Panchamaya TamangPanchamaya Tamang has recently graduated from her high school, Xavier International College in humanities. She is a national athlete in sport climbing. She represents Nepal in international games. She is fond of travelling and dancing. She is interested in bringing more young women into sport climbing and women empowerment.Dechen LamaDechen Hyolmo Lama (LL.M graduate) is a Lawyer who is passionate about Women's Human Rights and Gender Equality. Currently she has been working under one of the projects that support the people without Legal Identity. She has been advocating for the independent identity of women who have not been able to confer their citizenship to their spouse and children as that of men. She has provided counseling and facilitation to the people without Civil Documents. She just filed a writ in the Supreme Court of Nepal regarding the birth registration right of the children. She has been engaged in various studies and research works regarding citizenship and legal identity in Nepal. She can be reached at dechenlama23@gmail.com.

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1 Anita-photoAnita Thapa, Executive Director

Anita joined Her Turn in 2016 and is working as a Program Manager. Prior to joining Her Turn, she has worked with youth and adolescents in Nepal and South Asia. She has served as a President in a youth led organization called Youth Initiative and co-founded a non-profit called Sambhawana. In 2011, she was awarded Community Solutions Fellowship by US State Department and placed in Boston, Massachusetts where worked in public and alternative schools. In 2013, Accountability Lab recognized her school initiative called “Civic Schools” as one of the best interventions in school for civic education and awarded an accountability incubator fellowship, best known as “Accountaprenuer”.
Sanchita UpretiSanchita Uprety, Project Manager

Sanchita joined Her Turn in November 2018 and is working as a Project Manager. She has a Master’s degree in social work. Prior to joining Her Turn she worked as Youth Development Officer at Raleigh International Nepal. Throughout her professional engagement she has always worked with young people for their personal and professional development.
Kalpana Bohora, COVID-19 Response Project Lead

Kalpana joined Hamro Palo in September 2020 as a COVID-19 Response Project Lead. Prior to joining Hamro Palo, Kalpana has worked for over nine years in disability rights and livelihood as a coordinator. She has bachelors degree in Arts and is a trained professional on inclusive education. She has also completed special training on child care from John F Kennedy School, London.
Anisha Paudel, Finance Officer

Anisha Joined Hamro Palo in February 2017 as a Finance Officer. She graduated with bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA). Prior to Joining Hamro Palo, She has worked as an Accountant in PnP Business Solution (Audit Consultancy). She enjoys working with diverse team of Hamro Palo.
Menuka Gurung, Event Coordinator

Menuka joined Hamro Palo in 2020 as an Event Coordinator. She has completed her undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Management from Bangkok University. She is serving as a Vice-President at Women LEAD Nepal's board. She has been working with young girls for the last 7 years through various capacity building workshops and mentorship. She also runs a travel podcast "Duluwatalks" with 4 of her female solo traveler. She believes in the core value of involving both adolescent girls and boys to bring change in the community.
Pralita Rana Magar, Project Assistant

Pralita joined Hamro Plao in 2019 and is currently working as Project Assistant. In the year 2017 she was selected as one of the fellows and has been engaged in various different projects as a volunteer and intern in Hamro Palo. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in Community Development and wants to build her career in development sectors, especially focusing on adolescents.
RamitaRamita Adhikari, Child Protection Officer

Ramita joined Hamro Palo in April 2019. She is currently perusing her Master’s degree in political science and holds a bachelor’s degree in education. She gained experience in the field of education by working as a Teacher for secondary level student. She believes that women empowerment is key to development of a country.
Shovana PokharelShovana Pokharel, Master Trainer

Shovana joined Hamro Palo in 2017. She has completed her bachelors in management. Prior joining to Hamro Palo, she has worked in marketing and administrative sector.
She is interested in cricket and also had participated in district level cricket tournament. She also loves to explore new places, dancing and reading.
She wants to motivate people to live their life and bring positive change in others life.
Radha Shrestha, Project Coordinator

Radha is a graduate in Social Work and Rural Development from Tribhuvan University. She is a member of the founding team of Hamro Palo and has extensively worked in planning and executing Hamro Palo’s programs for three years. In 2018, she joined Naropa Fellowship, a one-year post-graduate program focused on building sustainable entrepreneurship in the Himalayan Region. Having a keen interest in girls’ empowerment and providing access to education, she rejoined Hamro Palo in September 2020 and is working as a Project Coordinator.
Reeti KC, Communication and Documentation Associate
Reeti joined Hamro Palo in 2020 and is currently working as a Communication and Documentation Associate. She was a former intern reporter in Nepali Times and has been engaged in media and communication projects since 2015. She is a Media Studies graduate from Kathmandu University School and wants to empower young girls of Nepal through media.
Saraswati Karki, Community Mobilizer

Saraswati Karki joined Hamro Palo in January 2020 as a community mobilizer. She works in Chautarasangachwokgadi municipality of Sindhupalchowk district. She has completed her Intermediate level (+2), and holds a teacher license. She aims to work as a service provider in her community. She has seen how women and children lack opportunities in her community so she wants to make positive changes in her community.
Sharmila Tamang, Office Assistant

Sharmila joined Hamro Palo in early 2019. She has served in various non-profit organizations. At Hamro Palo, she lends her support to the admin and finance department as Office Assistant. Sharmila aims to continue her service as she feels safe being around women’s company.

Advisory Board

OlaOla first visited Nepal in 2008, shortly after completing her Masters at the University of Lancaster. Since then she has worked with various NGOs in Nepal and Palestine in the sectors of education, agriculture and water and sanitation. After learning more about the importance of girls’ education and empowerment and their situation in Nepal, in 2012 she founded Her Turn. She has been running it for three years, after which the program transitioned to locally owned and managed NGO. She has since worked with several INGOs in south Asia and continues to support Hamro Palo as an advisor. You can email her at ola@her-turn.org. dannyDaniel Coyle, advisor

Daniel has over 7 years’ experience conducting program research in different parts of Nepal. Prior to the 2015 earthquake, he researched gender and the successes and failures of various development interventions in both rural and urban settings, and extensive work with Nepal’s marginalized populations in remote and earthquake affected districts.
danielleDanielle Preiss

Danielle first visited Nepal in 2008 through a Fulbright research grant. She has since worked with various non-profit agencies in Nepal and the US on projects related to agriculture, health, and refugee resettlement. In 2013, she completed master’s degrees in environmental science at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and journalism at Syracuse University. Danielle has reported for various media outlets from Nepal and helps with Her Turn’s communications. She also worked closely with Her Turn in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.