Girls in Sports: उत्साही

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Hamro Palo (Her Turn) is a non-governmental organization working in the education and empowerment of adolescents and women. Since 2012, we have been conducting 24-days of Her Turn workshop in different schools in Sindhupalchowk and Gorkha district in collaboration with like-minded organizations. In 2016, we officially registered as an NGO, and since we have expanded our work in Julma, Kavre, and Kathmandu district, and started working with adolescent boys, women, local government, and local stakeholders.
Hamro Palo’s mission is to empower adolescent girls, boys, and women and equip them with skills and knowledge that allow them to create their own safe and healthy futures. We do so by delivering culturally sensitive services that advance adolescents’ health, safety, confidence, and leadership skills.

What is this initiative?
If we try to google statistics about female athletes or women in sports in Nepal then it’s very hard to find any specific number. On the other hand, we hear stories of few female athletes but the representation of women in sports is very less. Female participation in the sporting arena of our country is either neglected or overlooked for the fact that males have been making their presence felt for a long time. Hence, Hamro Palo wants to uplift girls and women who are already doing amazing at their respective sports by giving them capacity building skills to prepare them for the future.

The current situation doesn’t allow girls in sports to actively follow their passion so we want to take this pandemic as an opportunity to support girls in skill development capacity like public speaking, mindfulness and well-being, coaching, home-based experience, or even how to promote their work.

Participants Intake: 15 young girls/women from diverse sports fields.
Time duration: 6 sessions, 2 hours for each session

• Girls who are already involved in sports and outdoor in Nepal.
• Passionate about self-growth and leadership skills, seeking ways to enhance themselves through capacity building sessions.

• You will be part of an all-girls sports community in Nepal.
• Gain confidence to be an advocate for your profession
• Enhance your own interpersonal skills/communication development
• Conduct a webinar for girls/women interested in sport/outdoor activities by the end of the workshop.

You can apply here or download the form and email us at