Boys Ally for Gender Equality

We launched His Chance Education and Empowerment program in 2017 due to the ample request by Her Turn participants who wanted boys to have the information and resources they received to help advance gender equality. So far, we have worked with over 1,755 boys from Sindhupalchok, Gorkha and Rautahat districts within three years.

In 2020, we completed our first His Chance workshop of the year at Shree Setidevi Secondary School in Syaulebazar, Sindhupalchok. This secondary school is affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and offers plus two (10+2) programs. There are 436 girl and boy students in total.

Among them, there were 66 boys aged 12-16 who participated in the 24 days His Chance workshop. The young local men trained by our team delivered the workshop to educate the boys on health issues (puberty, hygiene, menstruation) and safety issues (bullying, harassment, human trafficking, and early marriage). His Chance workshop uses gender transformative approach that encourages in-depth discussions on power dynamics in their communities, how they affect girls, boys, women, and men, and on how they can become allies in the social change process.

“I learned the most about menstruation in the 24 days workshop. In that topic, I learned how to help a girl during menstruation. I would like to gain more knowledge on it,” says Shyam (name changed) of grade 9.

While Shyam was interested in the topic of menstruation to help the girls in the community, Prajwol (name changed) of grade nine showed his interest in a particular topic because he had won his personal battle in it.

“I was a victim of substance abuse while I was living with my brothers in Kathmandu. After my family found out about my indulgence, they brought me back to Syaule and with their guidance, I stopped using substances. Now I am learning about the bad impacts of substance abuse and I feel happy I left it,” says Prajwol.

Both participants appreciated the support of their local trainers who also gained knowledge about subjects they did not know before.

“Not just the students, but I also learned new things through this workshop. Before the workshop, I didn’t have a lot of information related to menstruation and human trafficking, but after being part of this workshop as a trainer, I know where I can go to complain about human trafficking,” informs Rakesh Shrestha, His Chance trainer.

He tells us that the students enjoyed the topic of hygiene most and also shares that learning with his family members asking them to wash their hands and maintain better hygiene.

We feel very happy to learn that not just the participants or trainers but local people from their family can also learn from the workshops we provide.

“After the workshop, my son has an interest in issues related to children. He informed me that we should not practice child marriage and follow untouchability during menstruation,” says Nirmaya Tamang, mother of His Chance Participant.

His Chance and Her Turn participants jointly performed songs, dance, and drama dealing with social issues like menstrual taboo and child marriage in the closing ceremony. They also worked together to build a child-friendly toilet and purchase a speaker for mass programs in their school.

We initiated His Chance workshop for boys and girls of the community to work together for social change. To be able to witness their corporation in changing their community one step at a time makes us optimistic for a better future ahead.

Check out the video and some photos below!


His Chance closing ceremony

His Chance closing ceremony 2