Happy International Day of the Girl – “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force”

Like every other day, today we celebrate the Day of the Girl.

We stand with the girls everywhere in the world especially rural girls in Nepal as they are the emblem of courage, strength and leadership of Nepal. It has been 6 years since we began working with and for girls and has been amazing to witness how girls are taking charge of their lives and addressing some of the most harmful practices in their communities, such as child marriage and menstrual restrictions.

Today, our #HerTurn workshop graduates spread across 78 schools in 3 districts forming a network of close to 6,000 adolescent girls as Girls Support Committees that continue their leadership, creating opportunities for themselves and tackling everyday social issues via mentorship program.

We are proud of girl power like Sunmaya, 15, who has been leading Girls Support Committee in her school and has impeded many child/early marriages in her village. When possible child marriage cases are reported to the committee, she counsels the parents and she has been successful, many times, to put a stop to such marriages. However, there are also cases, where no matter how much she tried, she has failed to hold back but she is not giving up.
We are also in awe of Laxmi, 14, who brought some of her classmates back to school who used to miss school during their periods. When she learns about her classmates missing school because of menstruation, she goes to each household to communicate with the girl’s guardian to allow her to go to school. Also, we loved how Ranju, 16, saved her friend from being trafficked, reporting the information to Girls Support Committee and together with the local community, they reported the suspect to the administration.

There are many girls who are combating different forms of discrimination and violence in their family, school and community. Each day, these girls and their bravery, determination and commitment to change social and gender norms is a reminder why we should create safe environment for the girls so that they are able to attend school, learn new skills and make everyday decisions that matter to them.

We are WITH HER and commit ourselves to continue supporting girls’ education and their leadership.

Girls Day celebration