2018 International Women’s Day

This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is #PressForProgress, because gender
parity won’t happen overnight. We are making positive gains day by day, but still we need to keep
motivated, keep pressing forward and progress gender parity. We here in Hamro Palo have made
a small video to set focus on the day and show our commitment to help accelerate gender parity
and encourage others to press for progress too.

We are celebrating the day by attending a march on the 8th of March organized by Ministry of
Women and Children. During the march we will be advocating #PressForProgress in general but also
highlighting the group cause of #RageAgainstRape.

We will also be hosting a celebration of the day at Jhirpu secondary school in Bhotekoshi,
Sindhupalchowk, where we have one of our His Chance Workshops. The celebration will take place
on Friday the 9th of March, where we also will be hosting the closing ceremony for the His Chance
program in the school, concluding the four weeks of workshops with adolescent boys.