Online Safety Toolkit

The online safety toolkit presents opportunities of online resources for learning, social connections, major threats, scenarios of adolescent stories, tools to stay safe and ways to report cases of abuse.

Last year we went to rural schools and met with almost 60 adolescents to find out about how they are using internet and social media, among others. As a result, we prepared an illustrated and a hands on toolkit that will be useful to read, share and improve our future work.

With the support of People in Need, we would like to encourage young girls and boys and all the community interested in the activities of Hamro Palo to share the tools for online safety and raise awareness about digital hygiene.

February is also the month of celebrating Safer Internet Day globally. Please join us and support this year’s theme: Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.

Click here to discover the toolkit in English and here in Nepali.