Call for Application – Girl Support Committee – Mentorship Fellow

Call for Application

Her Turn Girls Support Committee-Mentorship Program Fellow Linking rural and urban girls via service learning project


Member of Girl Support Committee discuss their problem on the group during the workshop in Jaldevi Secondary School at Hagam VDC in Sindhupalchok. Photo: Uma Bista/Stars foundation

Member of Girl Support Committee discuss their problem on the group during the workshop in Jaldevi Secondary School at Hagam VDC in Sindhupalchok. Photo: Uma Bista/Stars foundation

Since 2013 Hamro Palo has been working in rural villages with four-week long Her Turn workshops in rural government schools to educate and empower adolescent girls aged 12-16 about gender equality, health, safety, leadership and community engagement. Over these years, Her Turn Program has been able to reach 61 schools benefiting 4,445 adolescent girls in earthquake affected districts Gorkha and Sindupalchowk. Recently we have launched ‘His Chance empowerment Program’ targeting adolescent boys with same approach and have reached out to 536 boys.

Likewise, to ensure the sustainability of our workshop’s outcome after its successful completion, one or more outstanding trainers/observers are selected as mentors from each Rural Municipalities/Municipalities. Under the mentorship program, these selected mentors are trained to lead the Girls Support Committee (GSC) whilst solve the local cases such as preventing child marriage, handling bullying, responding to sexual harassment and advocating for all children’s education and access to school. Hence, mentors are grassroots advocates for girls’ rights in remote villages of Nepal working hand-in-hand with Girls Support Committee (GSC). Currently, we have 12 mentors and 2 Social Mobilizers who work with more than 400 members from GSC and 35 different local schools.


Hamro Palo has been working with adolescent girls and young women at grassroots level in rural areas. Over the period, we realize that it is equally important to engage with young women in cities to advocate rural girls’ issues and link it with national issues. Likewise, we observed that there is huge gap between the understanding, exposure and opportunities between girls in rural villages and urban area. Hence, we have come up with a new fellowship program to provide young urban women with an opportunity to experience rural girls issues and be a part of girls rights advocacy. 20 outstanding women (19 – 28 years old) residing in Kathmandu Valley will be selected to be a part of service learning project in rural villages who will be known as Her Turn Girls Support Committee-Mentorship Program Fellow.


August: 3 day workshop in Kathmandu for select 20 young women

Prior to placement in village, 3-day workshop cum training will be organized to prepare and enhance fellows knowledge on issues related to adolescent girls in rural setting. During the workshop, the fellows will develop a plan on how to support mentors’ and GSCs’ work, and advocate their issues
at local and national platforms so that there will be joint effort from different stakeholders to tackle some of the challenging issues such as: child marriage, sexual harassment.

September: Service Learning Week

Following the workshop, each fellow will be paired who will then travel to Sindhupalchowk to spend a week with our mentor and Girls Support Committee to learn about rural girls issues as well as share their knowledge and skills with the girls.

October-November: Advocacy

During the months of October and November, fellows will advocate issues related to young girls via creative space such as: blogs, workshops, articles, photo/film voice, life coaching, flash mob, arts, theaters, social media campaigns.

December: National Level Conference

After the successful completion of service learning project and advocacy work, one day national level conference will be organized where fellows will share their learning and advocacy experiences with educators, government agencies, national and international organizations and other stakeholders.

Program Objectives:

Program timeline (word document to download).

Fellowship Eligibility:

  • Young women between age group of 19-28 years; must be a Nepali citizen
  • Able to participate in all programs during 5 months period (August-December 2017)
  • Able to travel to Sindhupalchowk for a week
  • Interest in learning and sharing in rural and remote communities
  • Commit to fully participating and advocating adolescents and young women’s issues

Application process:

  • Submit an online form at by 17:00 hrs (Thursday), 10 August 2017.
  • Short-listed applicants will be invited for a brief interview.
  • Successful candidates will be notified via email and phone for further process.

If you have any questions, email us at or call us at 4483754/974-1519311 between 11:00 am- 4:00 pm.

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