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If you’re interested in girls’ rights globally and want to learn more, check out the resources below. You can also use them if you want to spread the message. If you have resources that you think we should link here, drop us a line. Thanks!

The Girl Effect
Girls Not Brides
Population Council
The Coalition for Adolescent Girls
Together for Girls.
Menstrual Hygiene Day
Menstrual Hygiene: Breaking The Silence
The Menstrual Hygiene Taboo: A Vicious Cycle Of Silence
We Can’t Wait. A report on sanitation and hygiene for women and girls. WaterAid. 2013
Menstrual hygiene matters. WaterAid. 2012
WASH in Schools Empowers Girls’ Education: Proceedings of the Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools Virtual Conference 2012, United Nations Children’s Fund and Columbia University, New York, 2013.
Nepal. Highlights From The Unicef Adolescent Development And Participation Baseline Study. 2014. Population Council, 2crehpa
Education Counts: Towards the Millennium Development Goals. UNESCO. 2011.
Returns to Investment in Education: A Further Update, World Bank.
Measuring the Economic Gain of Investing in Girls. The Girl Effect Dividend. The World Bank Human Development Network Children and Youth Unit, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network Gender Unit. 2011.
The adolescent experience in depth: Using data to identify and reach the most vulnerable young people. UNFPA, Population Council. 2009.
Flash I REPORT 2067 (2010-011). MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur, November, 2010