Girls’ Symposium

In August 2016, Hamro Palo hosted 3 day long Girls Support Committee Symposium in Kathmandu. One hundred girls, mentors and female teachers attended the event to learn and share their work, best practices and lessons learned and to plan future actions. The participants wrote the first ever declaration (available here), and working in groups they developed a set of recommendations for organizations working across various sectors that emphasize the needs of adolescent girls (available here).


Following the Symposium, the mentors and GSCs conduct a two days workshop with local women networks in each Village Development Committee (VDC). The aim of the workshop is to increase participants’ knowledge of legal provisions and referral networks present in the district, strengthen the links between girls and women in the communities, develop action plans for their VDCs, discuss challenges and plan to involve others, including boys and men, in their community work for gender equity. To support their community project, Hamro Palo provides a grant to each Girls Support Committee. Utilizing the grants, the GSCs will work together with women’s groups in their villages to address the needs that they find most important.