Our team

Our trainers and mentors are a diverse group of young women who come from the communities where Her Turn workshops are conducted. Some of them are teachers, others are beginner trainers. All mentors complete a course for the mentors and then support Girl Support Committees in solving problems in their communities. Below please meet some of our mentors and the rest of our team.

Girls Advisory Board


Rojina Tamang, 16, a tenth grader at Dhaneswori Secondary in Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality joined Her Turn in November 2017. She likes to dance, perform drama and get involved in various activities to enhance her knowledge and skills. By serving in the Girls Advisory Board, Rojina would like to coordinate with different organizations, local mothers' group and conduct awareness programs to minimize harmful practices such as early marriage. She says, “If I see any form of violence, I will intervene, if I need to seek help from other agencies like police, I will not hesitate.”Ranju Magar, 16, from Dolongsa village is a grade 10th student in Shree Kageshwori Secondary School of Tripura Sundari Municipality, Sindhupalchok. She aims to become a performing artist. She has keen interest in singing and sports. Since she joined Her Turn workshop in 2016, she has been active in her school and community and shares “I am committed to end violence against women and girls.”
Sunmaya Tamang is from Kiddada, Indrawati Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok. She is 15 years old and studies in grade 10 in Shree Mahendra Secondary school. She says,”I dream to become a social worker in the future and eradicate all social evil practices from my community.” She further states, “if I get a chance to host radio shows, I would definitely advocate on social issues like early marriage, sexual and gender violence.” She attended Her Turn workshop on February, 2017. Sunita Shrestha , 14, is a 9th grader from Shree Rameswor Secondary School. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She aims to become a nurse in the future. She has interest to explore science and technology. One of her suggestions to Hamro Palo is to conduct Her Turn and His Chance empowerment and education workshops in all schools across the country. She says, “I want to advocate for the involvement of adolescents in overall community development.”
Pramila Biswokarma is from Hagam of Jugal Rural Municipality. She studies in grade 10 at Shree Jaldevi Secondary school and is 15 years old. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, and photography, and travelling. She wants to be an artist. She has attended Her Turn workshop in 2014. She says, “I will continue to advocate against gender based violence and will report any forms of violence to local government office.”Sabita Shrestha, 14, studies in grade 10 at Shree Bhumeswori Secondary School, Helambu Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchok. She says, “I want to get affiliated with social organization and serve the nation.” She has keen interest in dancing. She attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. Sabita says, “Being in the Girls Advisory Board, I would definitely intervene in issues like early marriage, sexual harassment as it affects adolescent girls.”
Laxmi Khanal is from Langerche Secondary School. She is 14 years old and studies in grade 9. She says, “I have keen interest in literature and want to be known as a poet in the future.” She has attended Her Turn workshop in 2017. She shares, “If I find out about child marriage or any form of violence, I will call police to intervene. I want to aware people through radio and television program regarding evil practices and violence. With the help of Girls Support Committee and School Support Committee, I want to conduct awareness program among parents.”

Her Turn Mentors

small_img_6919-balkumariBal Kumari Nagarkoti

Bal Kumari is from Chokati VDC of Sindhupalchok district. She has been working as a mentor with Her Turn since 2016. She is a +2 student, pursuing her major in education. She is interested to work with adolescent girls in rural areas.
small_img_6924-sangitaSangita Tamang

Sangita is from Hagam VDC of Sindhupalchok district. She was one of the participants of the HT workshop in 2014. Now, she is working as a mentor. She, along with Girls Support Committee dream to bring change in their community by addressing girls' and women's issues.
small_img_6958-melinaMelina Lama

Melina is from Thulophakar, Sindhupalchok district. She has been working as a mentor since the beginning of 2016. She is committed to guide young girls from her community and bring positive change.
small_img_6848-sushilaSushila Basnet

Sushila joined Her Turn in 2016 as a mentor. She is from Dhuskun VDC, Sindhupalchok. Currently she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in education. Sushila is keen to work with adolescent girls and support Girl Support Committee.
small_img_6953-geetaGita Tamang

Gita is from Dhuskun VDC of Sindhupalchok district. She is pursuing her +2 in education. She has joined Her Turn in 2015 as a mentor. She has been supporting Girls Support Committee in Dhuskun. She is interested to work against domestic violence in her community. She is also an activist working against gender discrimination.
small_img_6948-yangdolmaYangdoma Sherpa

Yangdoma is from Karthali VDC of Sindhupalchok district. She has been supporting Her Turn’s Girls Support Committee as a mentor. After completing her +2 in education, she started working as a teacher. She is interested in social work and has been an active member of her community.
small_img_6932-nirmalaNirmala Thapa Magar

Nirmala is pursuing her Bachelors degree in education. She is a first year student and loves to sing. She has joined Her Turn in 2016 as a mentor. One of her passions is to work with women and girls. She wants to empower adolescent girls particularly in her village Gorthali VDC of Sindhupalchok district.
small_img_6957-radhikaRadhika Dhakal

Radhika is from Manbu, which is one of the more remote VDCs of Gorkha district. She has joined her Turn in 2014. She has been teaching in lower secondary level and has 7 years of teaching experience. She is pursuing her bachelors degree in education. She is actively engaged in community work and wants to continue her involvement in the field of women and children’s issues.
small_img_6966-sujataSujita Dhakal

Sujita is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in education. She is a permanent resident of Gorkha district. She joined Her Turn in 2013 as a trainer and is currently working as a mentor. In the future, Sujita wants to work as a teacher to bring changes in the community through girls’ education and empowerment.
Smriti Samden

Smriti is from Baruwa VDC from Sindupalchok district and joined Hamro Palo as a mentor in 2017. She is highly committed to enhance her skills whilst working together with the Girls Support Committee members to bring change in her society.
Hasina Tamang
Hasina is from Bhotang VDC of Sindhupalchok district. She has completed +2 in education and has been working in Her Turn 2015 as a mentor. She wants to work with issues related with women and girls in her community. She aims to be a good social worker and empower adolescent girls.
small_img_6945-srijanaShrijana Tamang

Shrijana is from Hagam VDC of Sindupalchok district. In 2014, Shrijana joined Her Turn as a mentor and currently she is working as a social mobilizer. She wants to continue her fight against domestic violence and empower adolescent girls in her community. She is a student of +2 in the field of education.
Sharon Yanghi Sherpa.

Sharon joined Her Turn in 2013 as a Mentor and resides in Tatopani VDC of Sindupalchok. She has been supporting and guiding Her Turn’s Girls Support Committee. She has 13 years of teaching experience in primary level. Currently she is leading a small rural government school in the village of Thamigaun as a Principal. She is pursuing her Bachelor degree in education. She wants to continue her work with girls and in the field of education.
Sunita Tamang

Sunita is from Ichok of Sindhupalchok. She is studying in intermediate level. As a Her Turn mentor she is helping school girls to create better environment for education by solving social problems. She wants to pursue her degree in Social Work and become a social worker.
small_Janila DanuwarJanila Danuwar

Janila is from Bhotaynamlang, one of the remote VDCs of Sindupalchok district. She is one of the active members of her village despite of many challenges. As a mentor she is highly dedicated to work with adolescent girls to be an agent of change.
small_Anju ThamiAnju Thami

Anju joined Hamro Palo in August 2013 as an observer at Thami Gau Basic School and then worked as a Trainer at two schools of Phulbingkot VDC. Starting 2017 she is working as a mentor. She wants to motive and help young girls to build leadership and address their problem working hand-in-hand with the Girl Support Committee (GSC).
small_Ram Maya NepaliRam Maya B.K.

Ram Maya is from Thangpalkot, Sindupalchok and working as a mentor from 2017. She has completed intermediate level and is keen to work with adolescent girls. She strongly believes that young girls can lead the world if they are provided with leadership roles and opportunities.
small_Nita ShresthaNita Shrestha

Nita was studying in class 10 when she participated in Her Turn workshop from Mahendra Pratap School, Dhuskun on January, 2016. She was able to imply her learning in practice and now she is demonstrating strong leadership as a mentor. She is keen to contribute her skills for community development and also enhance her own skills while working as a mentor.
small_Sushila BhandariSushila Bhandari

Sushila is from Karthali VDC from Sindupalchok district. Earlier she worked as Trainer for Nepal Rastra Secondary School. As a mentor she is determined to create a better future by addressing adolescent issues and eliminate discrimination with the help of Girls Support Committee.
small_Asmi GurungAsmi Gurung

Asmi is from Pokharai, Barpak VDC of Gorkha district. She is perusing her intermediate. As a mentor she wants to work with women, schools and young girls of the village to create a better environment to live.
small_Anju GurungAnju Gurung

Anju joined Hamro Palo in 2017 as a mentor. She is a permanent resident of Laprak-4 of Gorkha district and currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree. She wants to bring change in the community collaborating working with women’s groups and Girls Support Committee (GSC).
small_Dumina GurungDumina Gurung

Dumina is from Barpark, Gorkha, which is one of the highly effected areas by the 2015 earthquake. As an active young woman she wants to continue working in social field inspiring women and children to be a change maker.

The rest of our teamreceived_10154617555132698

1 Anita-photoAnita Thapa, Executive Director

Anita joined Her Turn in 2016 and is working as a Program Manager. Prior to joining Her Turn, she has worked with youth and adolescents in Nepal and South Asia. She has served as a President in a youth led organization called Youth Initiative and co-founded a non-profit called Sambhawana. In 2011, she was awarded Community Solutions Fellowship by US State Department and placed in Boston, Massachusetts where worked in public and alternative schools. In 2013, Accountability Lab recognized her school initiative called “Civic Schools” as one of the best interventions in school for civic education and awarded an accountability incubator fellowship, best known as “Accountaprenuer”.
1 Radha ShresthaRadha Shrestha, Program Coordinator

Radha joined Her Turn in 2015 as a qualitative assessor after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Rural Development from Thames International College. Currently, Radha works as field coordinator. As a college student, she had been involved with various organizations and has experience of working with burn survivors, street children, differently able people and school students. She loves reading, hiking and trying different cuisines.
1 Yachin SherpaYachin Sherpa, Master Trainer

Yachin joined Her Turn in April 2014. She has been working as a master trainer. Prior to joining Her Turn, Yachin has worked as a teacher both in rural and urban Nepal. She believes that the platform Her Turn has created for young girls in schools in remote villages will have long term impact on girls present as well as future. About Her Turn Yanchen says: “I truly believe that this project will have significant contribution in the overall upliftment of communities in rural areas and also in discouraging social evils.”
Manisha Sunuwar, Master Trainer

Manisha joined Hamro Palo in 2016. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and Rural Development from Thames International College. Prior to joining Hamro Palo, she worked as an Office Secretary with Asha Nepal, a non-governmental organization working to help sexually exploited women and their children for 3 years. She has sound knowledge on conducting social surveys, data collection and analysis and event management.
1 Prabina BogatiPrabina Bogati, Field Coordinator

Prabina joined Her Turn in 2016. She holds dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and Electronics-Communication Engineering. Previously, she worked with Sambawana as a project coordinator in a project entitled Civic Schools for 3 years. She has experience of organizing and leading different issue based campaigns and training volunteers for action based civics. She loves to explore new places, read books and dance. She says Her Turn is about young girls (and boys), and youth voices matter for community development.
1 Pema SherpaPema Sherpa, Field Coordinator

Pema joined the team in July 2016. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Rural Development from Thames International College. Right after graduating, she worked as a teaching assistant at the Department of Social Science and Academic Affairs at Thames International College. In her free time she loves to do DIYs and writing journal. She has experience of leading projects and social research.
Purnima Pradhan, Master Trainer

Purnima joined Her Turn in 2016. She graduated with a master’s degree in Innovation Business from Anglia Ruskin University, London, and has a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Pandu College, India. She has worked as a qualified early childhood educator in Nepal and the UK. She received best employee of the year for being an outstanding teacher in 2009 and best facilitator of the year 2008 for adult education while working in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
Arati Rana Magar, Mentorship Program Coordinator

Arati joined Hamro Palo in 2016. She is a recent graduate in Community Development from Kathmandu University. Prior to joining Hamro Palo, she volunteered at International Citizen Service (ICS) at Raleigh International- Nepal and later worked there as an intern. She has also worked in the voluntary position as sub-regional youth advisor representing South Asian Youth Environment Network (SAYEN) for UNEP-TUNZA, Asia and Pacific. She says her ideal persona is eco feminist Vanda Shiva, whom she admires and follows her work.
Kamal Kshetri, Master Trainer

Kamal joined Hamro Palo in 2017. He graduated with bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is currently pursuing master’s degree in social work from Tribhuwan University. He has years of experience working in the field environment, youth and children. He strongly believes that everyone should be equal no matter what gender they are and sees himself work in the field of gender issues in the future.
1 Tendi Wongmu SherpaTendi Wongmu Sherpa, Logistic and Admin Officer

Wongmu was born in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. She has been working as a administrative officer at Her Turn and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in rural development and sociology. Wongmu strongly believes in women empowerment and has been associated with Her Turn since the founding year.
Ravi Khadka, Field Coordinator

Ravi is currently pursuing his masters in Psychology at Tribhuwan University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. He worked as an intern in DIDI Bahini Nepal and Voice of Youth and Children (VOYC) before joining Hamro Palo in 2017. He is associated with different youth organizations, and wants to utilize his leadership and communication skills for social transformation. In the long term, he wants to build his career in the development sector.

The Board

Sovana Chhetri, President

Sovana Chhetri has been working as executive secretariat in Budhanilkantha School, an English medium residential School designated as the National School of Nepal. She has been associated with Budhanilkantha School since 1987. She is actively engaged in the education sector and literature of Nepal.
Dolma Kumari Sherpa, Treasurer

Dolma Kumari Sherpa a masters’ graduate in computer application from Purbanchal University and Bachelors’ Degree Graduate in Arts from Shimla University is currently working as a Program Coordinator (BSc IT) and lecturer at The Lord Buddha Education Foundation. She is also engaged at Hyolmo Samaj Kendra as a Secretary and a Treasurer at Nepal Hyolmo Social Service Association. She has been engaged in the field of education for the past 7 years.
Shubha Kayastha

Shubha is a sexual rights advocate based in Nepal, who is a graduate in gender studies from Tribhuvan University. She has experience working in national and regional (Asia-Pacific) organisations and networks, mostly related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Currently, an independent consultant, she is also involved with a feminist network Chaukath, and a co-founder in an organisation ‘body&data’ that works in the intersection of gender and digital technology.
Bharat Shrestha

Bharat has experience working on gender, sexuality, human rights, particularly in Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) issues in Nepal and the Asia-Pacific region. A young activist, he has worked at UNAIDS and UNDP Nepal for more than 2 years, assisting country offices and UNDP regional office in coordinating with LGBT civil society, partners, human rights defenders and stakeholders with regard to the Nepal HIV/Law national dialogues, and LGBTI human rights and HIV related work. A public health graduate(M.P.H) from Northumbria University, UK, he has served as Core Working Group member for Youth Voices Count and as LGBT representative for U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal (2014-15).
Sanchita Upreti, Executive Member

Sanchita Upreti is Youth Development Officer (YDO) at Raleigh International Nepal. She has served as the program associate, and Executive Committee Member in a youth-led organization called Youth Initiative and Program Manager in a non-profit organization called Sambhawana. She has a master’s degree in Social Work from St. Xavier's College.
Suyog (Krish) Neupane

Suyog Neupane is an NGO-sector professional with solid work experience in the field of adult education, counselling, advisory services, and programme planning, coordination and delivery. A graduate in Business Studies from Pashupati Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Suyog has robust experience in research designing, execution and monitoring and evaluation. His core skills includes: counselling and advisory skills, teaching and training skills, project management skills, research skills and administrative and financial management skills.
Iswori Thapa, Executive Member

Iswori is currently working as office coordinate in Rakshya Nepal, a humanitarian organization working for the sexually exploited girls, women and their children. She holds a master’s degree in Public Administration from Tribhuwan University. Besides that she loves to play Taekwondo, write poems and dance. She represented Nepal in the 8th World Taekwondo Cultural Expo 2014 in Korea and won silver medal in Poomsae competition.

Advisory Board

linkedinOla Perczynska, founder, advisor

Ola first visited Nepal in 2008, shortly after completing her Masters at the University of Lancaster. Since then she has worked with various NGOs in Nepal and Palestine in the sectors of education, agriculture and water and sanitation. After learning more about the importance of girls’ education and empowerment and their situation in Nepal, in 2012 she founded Her Turn. She currently works with People in Need in Nepal. You can email her at ola@her-turn.org.
dannyDaniel Coyle, advisor

Daniel has over 7 years’ experience conducting program research in different parts of Nepal. Prior to the 2015 earthquake, he researched gender and the successes and failures of various development interventions in both rural and urban settings, and extensive work with Nepal’s marginalized populations in remote and earthquake affected districts.
danielleDanielle Preiss

Danielle first visited Nepal in 2008 through a Fulbright research grant. She has since worked with various non-profit agencies in Nepal and the US on projects related to agriculture, health, and refugee resettlement. In 2013, she completed master’s degrees in environmental science at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and journalism at Syracuse University. Danielle has reported for various media outlets from Nepal and helps with Her Turn’s communications. She also worked closely with Her Turn in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.