4th Annual Girl Led Leadership Symposium

29-31 August, 2019

This year, around 70 girls gathered in Dhulikhel, Kavre for 3 days for our annual girl led leadership celebration. The main aim of the symposium was to bring the members from the Girls Support Committee from various schools in one platform and exchange their stories, ideas, knowledge and skills among one another and celebrate individual and collective leadership in schools and communities.

Throughout three days, we played different games focusing on various aspects of leadership such as goal setting, coordination, risk-taking, communication. We had a reflection of Hamro Palo’s work and its impact in the communities. We also did thematic mini group discussions and individual leadership journey. The girls were excited that Hamro Palo is coming up with new comic book on menstrual hygiene. We did Focus Group Discussions to receive feedback about the comic book content as well as suggestions from the girls.

During the evening, we had fun time as the girls showcased their talents through dance, singing, poem reciting and jokes. Urmila Bhattarai, grade 10 student from Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Golche, one of the participants shared: “we had challenges like child/early marriage, different forms of violence in our village. After Her Turn program, child marriage has decreased in number. The knowledge and skills I learned from this conference will be helpful to educate both girls and boys in my village about leadership, advocacy on social issues, and traditional harmful practices.”

On the third day, we were joined by four women leaders from various sectors who lead their companies, organizations and initiatives. The speakers included Ms. Bonita Sharma, the Co-founder of Social Change Maker and Innovators (SOCHAI), Ms. Eeda Rija, CEO and Co-founder at Sochware, Ms. Rashila Tamang, Professional Runner, Ms. Sharmila Dhungana, Solo Woman Traveller and Communication Associate at ICIMOD, all of whom shared their leadership journey with the participants. Upon discussion with the girls, some of the girls asked questions to the speakers about the challenges faced by them, their motivation behind their leadership and the career their have chosen.

One of the participants, Masali Tamang, student of grade 9 from Shree Jhirpu Secondary School, Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality shared her experience of the three days conference:
“I got the opportunity to share my story and experiences of my community and school. I learned to be honest, dedicated to work, to be creative; to stay engaged in productive activities, to be determined and to keep on focusing on our goals. The conference was inspiring and motivational for me. I hope to practice everything I have learned in my daily life and to be a good leader in my community.”

Also, we expanded our Girls Advisory Board from 8 to 15 members and it is diverse in regard to ethnicity and geography. At the end of the conference, we announced scholarship for two of the Girls Advisory Board members who are pursuing grade 11. The scholarship will cover tuition fee and other support for the awardees. We bid farewell to each other with words of appreciation through exchange of flowers and hugs. Until next year!