Goals for Girls

Love soccer / football, but have some qualms about its official organizing body and labor practices (especially involving Nepali workers)? Want to enjoy the Women’s World Cup, but hesitant to support FIFA? Her Turn supporter Mike Yates suggested a great idea for a sort of “carbon offset” for enjoying your favorite sport, and we’re running with it.

We’re unrolling Goals for Girls during the Women’s World Cup semi-finals and finals. For each goal your team scores, donate $5 to Her Turn, which buys one Her Kit: a menstrual hygiene kit for girls who have lost a lot in the recent earthquakes. Her Turn staff are delivering Her Kits to students in communities where we’ve worked after understanding the unique challenges women and girls face in a post-disaster context and that staying safe while taking care of feminine hygiene needs is now even more difficult.

Her Turn students love football. Let’s enjoy the great sport together by doing a little good. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter who you’re rooting for and make sure you post to us after goals!

Here’s the schedule:
June 30 19:00 US EST- Match 49: United States v. Germany
July 1 19:00 US EST – Match 50: Japan v. England
Third place game:
July 4 16:00 US EST – Match 51: Loser Match 49 v. Loser Match 50
July 5 19:00 US EST – Match 52: Winner Match 49 v. Winner Match 50

Click below to send a Her Kit to a girl when your team scores.

Click here to find out more about Her Kits.