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News from the field

Fun activity at CPCS hostel workshop

Busy summer at Her Turn

This summer has been busy here at Her Turn. While the rural schools where we usually work were closed for monsoon / summer holiday, we have conducted our empowerment workshops at a girls’ hostel run by Child Protection Centers and Services – an organization that answers the children’s needs in the streets of Nepal. The
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Speech at the community ceremony at Nava Jyoti school

Meet change makers from Tandrang!

Since February, with the support from Children of the Mountain, we have been working with schools in Tandrang Village Development Committee, Gorkha district. This month we have finished workshops with the last group of girls. We conducted workshops in 3 schools and had over 350 participants. The girls were incredibly active and the attendance rate
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New Her Turn alumni from Narantan

Meet new Her Turn team members!

Her Turn is growing! We have finished workshops at two schools in Narantan, and we are thrilled to have three new team members join us this month! Yanchen Sherpa is our new Master Trainer, and will help train our local trainers in the villages. Yanchen has 5 years of experience as a teacher both in
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Enjoying the community ceremony

More Her Turn alumni from Gorkha!

In February we have continued to work in Gorkha district, this time in Tandrang village. It’s a start of our cooperation with Children of the Mountain. In Tandrang we have worked with seven amazing trainers who delivered our workshop to 152 participants from Siddhakali Secondary school. The attendance rates were 97 per cent – much
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Her Turn 2013 Annual Report Released!

Want to know more about Her Turn’s programs? Check out our 2013 Annual Report where you can find information about all of our programming and our impact for the 2013. In it you will also find our recommendations for other working on girls issues and Her Turn’s plans for 2014! We have also jut finished
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